Avanzanite Bioscience Expands in European Countries

Expanded collaboration now includes Ireland, Cyprus and Malta in addition to existing markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Liechtenstein. Advicenne expanded partnership validates Avanzanite’s execution capabilities and unwavering commitment to the smallest countries in Europe.

Avanzanite Bioscience B.V. (“Avanzanite” or the “Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company with a corporate mission of boosting orphan drug access and unlocking their full potential in European markets, today announced that it has expanded its commercial partnership with Paris-based specialty pharmaceutical company Advicenne for Sibnayal®. Today’s announcement extends Avanzanite’s exclusive commercialization and distribution rights into three additional European countries, including Ireland, Cyprus and Malta.

The product is the first approved medicinal product in Europe for the treatment of distal Renal Tubular Acidosis (dRTA) in children and adults. dRTA is a rare kidney disease that occurs when the kidneys do not properly remove acids from the blood into the urine leading to metabolic acidosis. The condition leads to stunted growth in children, brittle bones or rickets, kidney stones and life-threatening hypokalemia.

Announced in February 2023, the original geographic scope of the partnership included Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece. Avanzanite’s Founder and CEO, Adam Plich, stated, “By expanding our partnership into additional European countries just a few months after our original collaboration formed, today’s announcement marks a meaningful endorsement by our valued commercial partner – Advicenne – of our flawless execution capabilities, compelling value proposition, and, most importantly, of our unwavering commitment to deliver the latest innovative medicines to patients suffering from rare diseases across even the smallest countries Europe.” Mr. Plich continued, “Even in the infancy of our commercial launch, we’re already seeing significant traction in our legacy markets.”

“We did not anticipate being in a position so soon after our original collaboration was announced that an expansion of Avanzanite’s role in commercializing our product across Europe would be so intuitive,” stated Didier Laurens, Chief Executive Officer of Advicenne. “Across every metric we pre-defined, Avanzanite has outperformed and, as such, it simply makes business sense for us to take this partnership to the next level.” Mr. Laurens concluded, “At the end of the day, being able to significantly improve the quality of lives of dRTA patients is what really matters, and we share this vision and passion with Avanzanite.”

“Consistent with our corporate mission of delivering novel medicines to patients suffering from rare diseases into markets across Europe where they cannot otherwise access them,” Mr. Plich added, “it was important for us to execute on this second partnership perfectly. While the job is never done, we continue to fire on all cylinders and, as such, we are now advancing additional discussions that would leverage our unique platform and drive incremental value to all our stakeholders.”

ABOUT AVANZANITE BIOSCIENCE: Derived from the word ‘Tanzanite’ – one of the rarest and most underappreciated gemstones on earth – Avanzanite was formed to capitalize on two primary objectives, one economic, and one humanitarian. The economic goal is to offer end-to-end commercialization and distribution partnership with research-based biopharmaceutical originators to unlock the full value of their orphan medicines in European markets; this is the unique expertise and core competency of the Avanzanite team through its decades of operating experience navigating this area. Equally important, the Company's humanitarian goal stems from our commitment to enabling access to novel medicines for patients who suffer from orphan diseases regardless of where in Europe they live. Go to www.avanzanite.com for additional information.