RenewaRide Roadshow Europe 2023

Kehua, the expert of PV+ESS solutions with 35 year power conversion technology and experience, has organized its latest C&I ESS presentation and training in Poland, as the inaugural stop of its RenewaRide Roadshow Europe 2023, which included five cities: Warsaw, Lublin, Karkow, Poznan, Gdansk. Many distributors and installers are in attendance.

"Kehua RenewaRide aims to introduce PV and ESS products to our key partners and customers. We want to offer positive experiences with our products and solutions during the tour. " Said Jon Zhang, marketing manager of Kehua.

Key Points of the Kehua Kick-Off Roadshow

Explore the cutting-edge PV and ESS solutions, tailored for residential, C&I and large-scale applications: Kehua demonstrated its latest the latest energy storage solutions "S³- EStore" and "S³- EStation", which are designed to increase efficiency for C&I companies and large-scale ESS investments.

For home users, Kehua offers iStoragE series residential ESS which has won IDEA and iF Design Awards for its excellent appearance. During the roadshow, installers participated in the installation of iStoragE on site and surprised by its light weight.

By integrating PCS, BMS and EMS, the S³- EStore is able to increase PV self-generation and self-consumption rates, reduce electricity bills and increase revenues by taking advantage of peak-valley price, making it a key tool for managing energy use and reducing reliance on the grid, contributing to greater energy independence, cost savings and sustainability.

Introducing SPI series photovoltaic string inverters: Known for their reliability and efficiency, these inverters play a key role in the efficient use of renewable energy in both solar farms and C&I applications.

Kehua product showcase

In addition to flagship solutions such as iStoragE series all-in-one residential ESS, RenewaRide aims to introduce all participants to the refreshed version of SPI X2 series PV inverters for home and business. Attendees are also invited to discuss up close the S³- EStore C&I energy storage system, which was newly unveiled this year, as well as the S³-EStation, a liquid-cooling energy storage system specifically designed for large-scale investments.

Solfinity has been an active partner in Kehua RenewaRide events in Poland, providing the visitors professional training and hands-on workshops. After touring Poland, Kehua RenewaRide will visit other countries in Europe. Follow Kehua LinkedIn @KehuaDigitalEnergy for roadshow updates!

Kehua's European aspiration

RenewaRide is another step to strongly mark Kehua's presence in the Polish and European markets. The roadshow will launch a series of Kehua events, showing the company's commitment to building local structures and supporting the European energy transformation. Kehua believes that the closeness and relationship of partners and customers is crucial for business development and that is why they can expect further local events and training tours organized by Kehua.

About Kehua

With 35 years of experience in power conversion technology, Kehua is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of PV and ESS solutions. The company has diversified solutions and rich project experience in photovoltaic, energy storage, micro-grid, wind power, integrated energy services, etc. Its products and solutions are serving in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Kehua was ranked No.4 global energy storage inverter supplier in shipment terms (S&P Global, formerly IHS Markit 2022) and top 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects (BloombergNEF 2022). Kehua will continue to create clean energy with its R&D strength and devote to let every one in the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely.